Finding your way around the Movie Mart help pages.

Ok, where to go for what kind of information? Valid question! Hopefully this will help!

This is where you learn about things like the meaning of NM and NT, the rules of Movie Mart. What zipped files are and what to do with them. What spam is. How do you save a movie?


Here you will find just about anything. If you have a question, go here first. It is divided into five categories; Downloading, Viewing, Manipulating, Uploading, and More help. The first four ought to be obvious (Manipulating covers splitting and joining, and conversions between formats) and More Help covers things like FTP, USENET; Hacking, you name it! Also contains all CODECs you need (and links to most known codecs) and software that you may need.

Provocative perhaps, but it does supply excellent step by step help on things like how to rename files, join files, how to preview movie files, how to make thumbnail images. Also has some software and CODECs for download.


How does one capture movies from tapes to computer? How to rip DVDs to your computer. How to encode it all into relatively small files? These are questions that ought to be answered here. Currently a rather thin section, but expect it to grow in the near future!

It may be a Micro$oft world, but this FAQ will help Mac users watch most files. Did you know you can view DivX AVIs? Other Mac-specific issues are dealt with here.


If you want to know more about download managers, optimizers, and what not, then this is a place for you to check out. It doesn't tell you how to use DL managers with certain servers (your best bet is Extended FAQ in that case).

FAQs not helpful? Expert help here!

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