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Questions not specific to Macs are answered in the other parts of the Movie Mart FAQ.

If neither this Mac FAQ or the rest of the Movie Mart FAQ pages answer your question, and you feel you need to ask for help, please read this first!



Q: I cannot play AVI movies I can only hear sound, without video QT says "compressor not found"
A: To play AVI with QuickTime you need the appropriate CODEC (Compressor DECompressor). Go to to learn how to find out what codec a movie uses. You will also find the links to all the Indeo Video Codecs avaiable for QT. Unfortunately, the two more recent, and more used, avi codecs, i.e. i263 and MP43, are still not avaiable for QT. So if the movie has been compressed with one of those codecs, you will not be able to play it with QT

Q: There are other ways to play AVI movies on a Mac?
A: Yes, AVI movies compressed with DivX as well as the MP4x CODEC can now be played usig DivX Player 1.0b2 and the new version of Window Media Player for Macintosh (beta 2). Go here - - to find both DivX Player and the link for Window Media Player. You cannot play MP4x avi with only WMP, you need to open them with DivX, but the codecs contained in WMP beta2 are required. Remember them are beta releases, so be ready to strong changes in the future.

Q: any way to play i263 compressed movies on a Mac?

Q: How can I play ASF movies on a Mac
A: With Microsoft Media Player for Macintosh. Go to to d/l the last beta version.

Q: May I play Mpeg or avi with Media Player for Macintosh?
A: No. Only ASF (at my knowledge)

Q: is it possible to open a RAR archive on a Mac?
A: yes. Use MacRar Fat (shareware): My suggestion is to use the older 2.0.1 version. The new beta 2.5b5 has given me some problem.

Q: How can I d/l from JustOn from the "direct links" ?
A: JustOn no longer supports direct links like it used to. I you are given a direct link, it's useless. If you access a folder, you can do as described in the next question...

Q: Is it possible to derive a file "direct link" from a Juston folder and how use it?
A: Yes. Perform the standard procedure to d/l from Juston: select the file and select "download" from Juston "file" menu. Two possibilities:
1) the d/l start normally. Select the file icon that is d/ling (dont stop the d/l). Select "get info" from the Mac file menu. In the notes window you will find the "direct link". Copy it and past in a d/l manager (I suggest Anarchie). Cancell the browser d/l.
2) a 504 error page appear. Click on the page until a menu appear. Select the last item "page info". A new window will appear and there you will find the "direct link". Copy and past (in Anarchie?). The file name will be lost, sustituted by a number. You must rename the file (even during d/l). The second possibility is essential for d/l from Juston links of Godabuzz (its links to Juston are not in the correct form and will never work by themselves). It is the only way, and very efficient.



Q: How can I join HJSplit files (.001, .002, .003 etc.) on a Mac?
A: Use ChunkJoiner. You can find it at follow the instructions provided with the program.

Q: When playing a long Mpeg, only a small fraction of it will play
A: This can happen when the file is the result of a joining of smaller files made on a PC. The joint Mpeg movie is playable with Media Player under Windows, but on a Mac QT will only play the first segment. I do not know if this effect is produced by all kinds of joining, but surely happens when the joining is done with the DOS Copy command. No solutions at the moment.

Q: How can I split/join mpg, avi, mov?
A: You can use QT Pro (the QT registered version). It is just copy-and-past. But you must know that the resulting movie, even if the extensionand the movie info are still that of the source files, is now a QT movie and can only be played with QT. Be carefull in distributing this kind of movies.

Q: How can I join ASF files?
A: No way at the moment.

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Additional notes

by The Vaults


As you see, it's a Microsoft world (sorry) and while you're waiting for compatible codecs (i263 and mpeg4.x) for the Mac, you may want to consider emulating Windows.

Running an emulator, you can use all Windows software and codecs, and any problems you encounter in that environment are most likely to be covered by the rest of the Movie Mart FAQ. Note that you're just emulating Windows, which means that not all software made for Windows will work properly.

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